Jennifer Goebbel Family Photo

Her Story

If you want your kids to grow closer God, then you and Jennifer have a lot in common!

A few years back, Jennifer had a very strong conviction that she needed to be teaching her kids about Jesus at home. They were in a strong and fun learning environment at church, but 1 hour per week just wasn’t enough. She wanted her kids to know Jesus every day of their life and make Him and His Word more of a priority in their family.

She knew it had to start with her and her husband.

That's when Jennifer set off on an adventure to discover quick and easy Bible studies that her family could do together. She was challenged by limited time and even more limited attention spans (can we get an amen).​​

Unfortunately, she struggled to find resources that truly fit their everyday lives. She did find something though—a prompting by God to begin creating her own easy-to-follow curriculum.

Her Passion

After years of crafting studies and testing them in her own home, Jennifer wants to help you teach your kids how to make God a priority. She's seen first-hand the growth and life change that comes from intentionally and consistently spending time with God, and she believes you can too.​​

When you make one of Jennifer's Bible studies part of your family's daily routine, you can count on them being quick, easy, fun and powerful. They require no prep time or investment in crafts. Why? They use daily essentials—the Word, prayer, and family discussion—to help you confidently nurture spiritual growth in the ones you love the most...all in less than 10 minutes a day!​​

And, when you need a little pick-me-up for yourself, stop by Jennifer's Family & Life Blog where she'll continue to focus you on God, encourage you, and help you take scripture into your home.

So, from your brand-new bestie to you:

"We’re in this thing called parenting together.
I’m praying and rooting for YOU, in Jesus' name!"

- Jennifer