When God says go…

This summer was what my 10 year old would call “epic”.  We had planned for this trip for over a year…a mission trip to Cambodia.  My husband and our oldest son went on a 2 week trip to the other side of the world.  21 combined hours on a plane, 3 separate flights each way…not too shabby for his first time on an airplane 😉  [the first time he remembers!]

Cambodia orphanage

They left early in the morning on a Tuesday.  The trip of a lifetime.  They spent the whole first week in Takeo, in an orphanage.  This first week was life-changing for everyone on the trip! They spent time playing, teaching English and most of the time just loving on those that have no “parents” to rely on.  These kids were amazing, they loved life, they loved each other and by the end of the week, they were all best friends.  My son had 2 young men that he played with and couldn’t wait to go see each morning, Peter and John.  These boys taught my son about true joy, a lesson we knew he needed to learn, but were unsure how to have him take it as his own.  Micah now says that Peter and John helped him see that you don’t have to have anything material to be happy.  Happiness comes from Jesus alone.  If that were the only lesson he learned in those 2 weeks, I’m a happy momma 🙂  But there was so. much. more!

Micah, Cambodia

The second week they had all of the kids brought to a central location where lots of people had been planning a Kids Camp.  God did a lot during the time there…the kids had never seen a luxury hotel before!  Just to put this in perspective, most of these kiddos didn’t even have a mattress to sleep on back at their orphanages.  I’m told it was amazing to see the look on their faces…and that some of the kids wouldn’t even sleep on the beds.

Cambodia, Micah

500 kids from 16 different orphanages all across Cambodia.  All for the purpose of loving on them, worshiping with them, and for some, introducing them to Jesus!  My husband had the privilege of baptizing some of the kiddos who decided to give their life to Jesus…altogether, almost 100 kids!  Life changing stuff.  For those kids and for my family.  Everything we had worked toward and prayed over was coming to life in the very best way!!

Cambodia orphanage group

John and Micah were some of many volunteers there those few weeks in the summer.  They left behind so many new friends/family…most of their clothes/shoes and they brought back a new way to look at life!  Seeing God in a new way for our son, was an irreplaceable experience.  It was worth every hard thing we had to go through to get them both there…and every hard thing we went through while they were gone.  When God says “Go”…I pray we’re always willing to say “Yes”.  No matter what the cost…because there always is a cost.  Sometimes it’s monetary, sometimes it’s giving up vacation time and sometimes it’s just trusting God that He will protect your husband and 10 year old son while they’re gone…

Cambodia, slums

There are eternities at stake, people who need to hear about Jesus…Matthew 28:19 “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Johnny, kiddos

I thought I would share a video of the Kids Camp portion of their trip, made by the organization they went with, SEAPC [South East Asia Prayer Center, they’re amazing!!]


Edit:  🙂  I thought I was done, I really did…and then I remembered there was left over monies from everyone who went on the trip!  So, the team decided to buy mattresses for all of the kids at the orphanage with the money…have I mentioned, serving God rocks?!


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