The gift!

It’s for sure not something I’m proud that I said, or even thought.  It was the Saturday after Easter…just about a month ago and I was getting ready to head to bed.  My husband stays up late on Saturday nights to spend time with the Lord and make sure he has his message for Sunday morning ready and written on his heart. [just in case you are new to this site and to me, my husband is a pastor!]

So, I decided to ask Johnny a question…”What are you preaching on tomorrow?”  Now, for those of you who think I might know everything that goes on in the church…I definitely don’t 😉  John gets his messages from the Lord on his own and I actually hear them with everyone else on a Sunday morning!  [pastors wives don’t know it all, lol!]

He said, “The Holy Spirit.”  To which I stopped in my tracks.  My response wasn’t right…I see that now, but my first gut reaction was this:  “Really?  The week after Easter, when there are so many new people there?”

Ouch.  I know.

One thing I’ve never claimed to be is perfect.  I don’t know why that particular night this came out of my heart and through my lips…but what I do know is the Lord set me straight that very next morning, in the kindest and most gentlest of ways.

You see, many people in the church and even outside of the church…are afraid of the work of the Holy Spirit.  In my past, I was one of those people…and from the sounds of my reaction to my husband, I still had a bit of that in my heart and didn’t even know it.

So, who does the Bible say the Holy Spirit is?  John 14:26 says it this way…and this is Jesus speaking:  “But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”  I love that this verse puts it so simply…He is our Counselor, sent to us to teach us and remind us of scripture and help us…honestly, what an amazing gift.

But so many, myself included, can shy away from even teaching about the gift God gave us in the Holy Spirit.  Why?  The Holy Spirit is one of the greatest gifts ever given…He is nothing to be ashamed of!

While I was sitting that Sunday morning listening to my husband’s message, the Lord was teaching me…through the gift of the Holy Spirit.  He reminded me that God’s people in the Old Testament had to live without the Holy Spirit, without God with them all the time.  The Holy Spirit wasn’t given as a gift until after Jesus had died and then resurrected. They didn’t have the gift of a helper, a counselor, someone living inside them to help them in life…a gift I can tend to take for granted.

God has given each believer in Christ the gift of the Holy Spirit.  An amazing gift.  One that speaks TRUTH, loves unconditionally, teaches, counsels, empowers and helps us through life.  Really, why would we not want Him in our life?!  Why would we be ashamed?!  He’s something we should be: thankful for, proud of, and excited to tell others about!!!!  Can I get an amen?!  We don’t have to walk through life alone…the Holy Spirit guides and directs and speaks, to each one of us!!

I’m so thankful the Lord corrected my thoughts that morning…and showed me an area of my heart that needed some attention!






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  1. Yes Mrs Goebbels, this is a very good massage for each one of us. Our counselor is a gift from God. Soon after this amazing gift, he left them as we read Acts :1 -11.
    Let’s all make use of this gift as we await for his second coming. Amen

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