Gifts for our kids for Easter

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year!  I love spring, the smell of fresh grass growing, daffodils popping up all over the hillside and birds chirping in the mornings.  It’s something almost magical…and it always turns my heart toward God!

Easter is a little different around our house.  Who am I kidding?!  Most holidays are different around our house!  I love to get things on sale and save them for a special unexpected gift…and Easter is no different.  Heavens, you’ll still find a few Reese’s chocolate eggs at my house, we hate to love them, lol!  But on Easter, a holiday focused on Christ…I love to give our kids gifts that will point them toward Him and His goodness.

So, this post I’m going to give a few recommendations for gifts we’re either giving our kids this year, or things we’ve given them in the past…gifts that will help them with their walk with Christ!  What a better way to celebrate?!

Here are a few pics of some of our favorites and links to where you can find them:

First for the boy in your life 🙂  This is an amazing devotional for boys written by Priscilla Shirer…the daily devos are easy to read and super relatable…and powerful.  You can find it here!!!  [She has 3 fiction books called “Prince Warriors” that have powerful spiritual truths in them too!!]


If your boy is anything like mine, he loves music.  And our son is in love with this album! Since he’s getting this as a gift, he’s going to love not having to stream it online every time he wants to hear a song!  If this isn’t your kiddos taste in music, find someone who is and get them music that will fill their hearts with God’s truths!!!


A few examples for the girls :)…now my girls are younger, but you can always do a search for older girls, God’s Word is God’s Word…and it’s always good!!

This cutie little “diary” is a place that has scriptures and powerful words for a little girls heart.  It’s adorable and leaves lots of space for their thoughts & feelings and for doodling 😉  Because what little girl doesn’t like to doodle?!  You can find it here for only $2.99, on the imperfect sale. [scroll down on the link for the cheaper price!!]  I ordered ours months ago, I can’t find a single imperfect place on it!


Then there is this super amazing Bible for girls…my 8 year old wanted one and she uses it ALL THE TIME!  No joke, she takes it to school with her and colors with her friends at recess with it.  So, it’s for her to grow but also a tool she uses to talk to people about God!!  Love it!  You can find it here!  [it comes in 2 colors]  They’re currently on sale for $23…and if you have a teen, scroll down on that site and there’s a teen version too!!


The above Bible is awesome with a little coloring pencil set that can go anywhere with you…here‘s a great set that comes quick if you have Amazon!!  [and it comes in a cutie little tin, for easy carrying!!]


I hope these give you a few new ideas on gifts to point your kids attention to Jesus on Easter/Resurrection Sunday!!  I hope you have an amazing season filled with hope, joy and lots of peaceJesus is truly our greatest gift ever.


<<I am not being paid to endorse these items 😉 They’re just gifts we’ve found along the way that our kiddos have loved!>>

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