It’s Truly the Little Things

I just finished sweeping the hair clippings off the floor.  It was past time for the hubby’s Christmas cut.  And honestly, cutting my husband’s hair is one of my favorite things I get to do.  I don’t do it nearly as often as I should…and if you ever see him with long edges, he’ll say “my hair lady has been very busy lately…”  and then laugh.

Before that, I was sewing patches on my son’s jeans.  He was headed to bed and I’ve been saying for weeks “I’m going to try and patch those”…because every pair of jeans he owns has holes in the knees.  Every. Single. Pair.  I’ve tried over the years buying the cheap jeans and the expensive ones…they all end up the same, with holes.  [oh…and they only last half a school year!]  Lucky for me and for him, patched holes are all the rage right now!!

In just a few quick hours, it will be Christmas Eve.  And as I sit here tonight, I’m reminded…it’s truly the little things.  Whether you get “the” gift you’ve been hoping for, or you get no tangible gift at all, we all sometimes need a simple whispered reminder… “it’s the little things“.

This year, I’m thankful for cutting boys hairs, holes in jeans, birthday’s to celebrate, dinners to cook, clothes to wash, baths to be given and little dresses to be ironed for church services in the morning.  And, I’m thankful simply for the ability to just…be…with my family.

For you, I pray it’s exactly the same.  That you can take and truly appreciate each moment as the gift that it is.  A gift that is from a Father whose love is unwavering and so, so generous.  Whether it’s seeing kids open presents, or it’s the joy of hearing a loved ones voice on the other end of the phone…enjoy and cherish every… single… minute.  They’re really the most amazing gifts that make up this life, the little things.

James 1:17  “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…”

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2 thoughts on “It’s Truly the Little Things”

  1. This is very true.Its not about big and heavy things, its one’s little actions that count.That service, that presence , that extra ordinary move from the giver is what matters. Remember, there is extra ordinary reward in giving than receiving as the Bible says.I’m always away from my boys , but this time round, l will be with them,listening to them, cooking all for the and their Dad. I don’t need helpers. Its only me to do all these little things to touch family and ……Truly little things!!!!!!????

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