Best Surprise Ever. [or at least in recent memory!]

Have you ever gotten a surprise gift?  I mean, one that is going to be with you for at least 13+ years?!  This past Christmas my super thoughtful husband decided it was time our family got a dog.

If you’ve already heard this story before, bear with me…today I get to tell the end of the story… 🙂

For Christmas, my family surprised me with a puppy.  My husband had picked it out all by himself and was super excited about it.  He literally walked around the house with a smirky little smile for weeks…he was so excited about it!  Finally the day came when they all left me at home and went and picked up/brought home my Christmas gift.

You see, I had mentioned in the past that I wanted a dog…I think I remember my exact words, lol…”Not until all 4 kids are out of diapers. I can’t potty train a kiddo and a dog at the same time!”  For the record, our youngest is 4…she’s been potty trained a long time.  The only 2 things I had mentioned to my husband over the years about a dog were:  I wanted a smaller dog, one that would sit on my lap and let me cuddle her, and one with short hair [for my son’s allergies].

The dog came home and was none of the above.  [You guys…lol]  My hubby thought he had gotten a small dog that would cuddle with short hair…and there was a “little” mix up [It’s a hysterical story!].  He thought the little pup he had driven up to see when it was only weeks old was a chi-weinee and alas, it was an Australian shepherd dog/Blue heeler mix.  Crack. Me. Up. [I laugh now, then…I wasn’t so sure!!]

Best mistake surprise I’ve ever gotten!  Let me tell you…this little pup had none of the requirements I thought I wanted, but she has been the BEST addition to our family.  Isn’t that just the way?!  God knew exactly what we needed.  She’s full of energy, which is fabulous for 4 young and extremely energetic kiddos…she’s protective, she’s loving, she’s fluffy and soft, she’s super smart, she herds not only our chickens [hallelujah chorus!] but our kiddos and tries to keep them in the yard and safe…[which honestly…is a huge help to this momma some days], she’s full of joy and did I mention grace??!!!

Just when I think I know exactly what I want…or what I have planned in life…God goes and shows me how much better He knows.  He knows what I really need, He knows what is going to be best, and He has my best interest at heart…always.

And He knows what YOU really need too.  Whatever it is you think you need, or maybe you’re searching after…just like me and my wish list for a dog…

Sometimes what we think we need, is not at all what God has planned.

Sometimes it’s the exact opposite of what we have planned.

When we take the “I” out of our situations and insert “God” instead, He always delivers more than we could ever think or imagine.  [Ephesians 3:20]

Isaiah 55:8  “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.”






6 thoughts on “Best Surprise Ever. [or at least in recent memory!]”

  1. Oh Jen! How I love this story! It reminds me of somthing similar that happened to me! I had been wanting a dog, so badly. The only requirement was that it be a lap dog, so I could sit and cuddle it. I did not want a big dog and it had to be sweet. Joseph was a teenager then and he was all for getting a dog! One day, Joseph and I were sitting out on the curb talking about getting a “lap dog” when around the corner came the most beautiful dog I had ever seen! He was leaping and dancing after a buttrfly. It was love at first sight for me! He was walking with two people and not on a leash. I said to Joseph, do you see that beautiful dog? About that time the dog saw me ran over and plopped down right in my lap. He just sat there like he was at home! The couple walking him told us that they had rescued him and were looking for a good home with a family to love him. Joseph said, well mom, there is your lap dog! Lol! He was a 60 lb Australian Shepherd sitting there in my lap cuddling with me! We adopted him, Joseph named him Ringo and he was a gift from God to us! He died a few years ago, but we all still miss him, his sweet and loving ways and his cuddles. He was the best dog Ever! ❤️

    Have a beautiful day and God bless you all!

    1. Your story is SO similar!!! I love it! I truly think ours is a gift from God too…and so encouraged that yours sat in your lap!! lol. She’s still young and super active and don’t lay on my lap…at all! But she is amazing…thank you for sharing your story with me!!!! <3

  2. What a great inspiration today! Thank you. I’m literally laughing out loud now that I have looked at the pictures of what a chiweenie looks like v. Australia shepherd/blue heeler. God has the best sense of humor and praise Him for knowing us better than we know ourselves and our every need. I love you girl. Keep Gods word flowing through your encouraging blog. It was refreshing- just what I needed to read this morning.

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